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November 2021

Stroock Podcast

In this Stroock podcast, partner Joseph Giminaro is joined by special counsel Tom Zampino and tax certiorari paralegal supervisor Kevin Guerra to talk about New York City’s Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program, otherwise known as ICAP. As members of the firm’s New York Real Estate Tax Certiorari and Appeals Group, these professionals are well-versed in the real estate tax strategies and opportunities available to our commercial real estate clients. 

If you are making physical improvements to your NYC commercial property, this could be the most important podcast you listen to. Joe, Tom and Kevin discuss ICAP’s complicated eligibility requirements, as well as the tripwires to be on the lookout for. ICAP is complicated, but ultimately designed to provide tax relief in connection with commercial ground-up development and large-scale renovation projects. Don’t pull those permits until you are sure you understand the ins and outs of ICAP. 

Listen to the podcast here: