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October 8, 2021

In this Stroock podcast, Real Estate partner Ross Moskowitz shares his thoughts on where New York City is headed in the next year, particularly with change in governance at the City level. At a crucial time for the City’s recovery as it rebounds from the impacts of the pandemic, the arrival of both a new mayor and city council in January 2022 brings great opportunity for economic growth.

 Ross and his land use and zoning team are keeping a close eye on the list of projects and priorities that may be fast-tracked before the end of the year by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, as well as the new initiatives that are likely to be introduced in 2022. Listen in as Ross discusses the many key factors during this period of transition, such as the infusion of public and private investment, affordable housing initiatives, the recent growth of certain sectors, such as life sciences and what the office and hotel markets will look like post-pandemic.

Listen to the podcast here: