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March 10, 2016

Los Angeles, CA

Speakers: Loryn D. Arkow, Loryn D. Arkow, Loryn D. Arkow, Loryn D. Arkow, Loryn D. Arkow

Stroock Partner Loryn Arkow will be speaking at USC Gould School of Law's Real Estate Law and Business Forum. The forum will be held on March 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Loryn Arkow will moderating the panel "Economic Trends Nationally and in Southern California." Real estate is local but the economy, demographics and the changing nature of real estate are national. Real estate developers, lenders and investors increasingly look to macroeconomic trends and indicators in making investment decisions. Spencer Levy, the head of research for CBRE, will share the latest in major economic and real estate trends both nationally and in California, including his perceptions of how changing demographics, the broadening of our “renter” nation and how creative office space and mixed use development are changing the investment market. Bill Lindsay, Partner in PCCP, among the savviest of real estate investors, will respond to Spencer’s observations and share how his analysis and impressions of the broader economy, demographics, job creation and evolution in the use of space inform his investment decisions.

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