American Conference Institute’s 4th Bank & Non-Bank Forum on Mortgage Servicing Compliance

Stroock Special Counsel Benjamin Diehl will be speaking at American Conference Institute’s 4th Bank & Non-Bank Forum on Mortgage Servicing Compliance. The conference will be held on June 25-26, 2015 in Dallas, TX.

Mr. Diehl will participate in the panel discussion "Strategies for Servicers in Achieving Effective Customer Complaint Management." The panel will provide detailed discussions on:

  • Recent heightened CFPB oversight of complaint management within the mortgage servicing industry
  • What aspects of the complaint handling process are the CFPB most closely looking at?
  • Tips and best practices for monitoring, analyzing, responding to and reporting complaints so as to avoid CFPB targeting
  • Employing an effective complaint management system that both meets compliance demands and improves your operations
  • Effectively reviewing your current problem resolution and complaint processes
  • The importance of training your front-line personnel and tips for doing so
  • Ensuring that customers fully understand the terms and conditions or a particular financial product or service; ensuring that they are made aware of changes in terms
  • The importance of timeliness in responding to complaints
  • Utilizing the CFPB Complaint Database to minimize litigation risk
  • The CFPB’s proposal to make complaint narratives on the CFPB Complaint Database publicly available soon – what will the implications of this be?
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