ARIAS 2012 Spring Conference

Stroock partner Michele Jacobson will serve as co-chair of the ARIAS 2012 Spring Conference May 9-11, 2012 in Palm Beach, FL.

This year's topic, "Survey Says . . . Arbitration Beats Litigation," will compare and contrast the arbitration process against litigation. Experts will examine each step in the arbitration process, and will address the strengths and weaknesses of arbitration versus litigation, the arbitration advantage, and strategies for improving the arbitration process to keep arbitration competitive. Using a game show theme, and through mock scenarios and panel discussions, we will address potential improvements in the process, including panel selection, the organization and structure of the proceedings and discovery limitations.

This conference will complement the investigation to be performed by the Arbitration Task Force, and will focus on ways of improving the arbitration process to better reflect the goals of the process as defined when it was first adopted by the industry.

Stroock partner Seema Misra will also be speaking at the conference.

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