The 18th Annual ABS East 2012

ABS East 2012 will return this October for one of the most important industry conferences focused on the securitization market. This year's event, Reshaping the Structured Credit Products Industry Together, will feature intensive panel discussion on a variety of topics including:

  • The Importance of the Restoration of Securitization to the Economy
  • How Regulatory Changes Will Shape the ABS Market
  • New Capital Requirements and the Impact on Banking
  • Mortgage Legislation Update and the Future of the Mortgage Funding Market
  • Outlook for Consumer ABS including Autos, Credit Cards, Student Loans and Equipment Leases
  • Restructuring Trends in Commercial Real Estate Backed Securities
  • Protecting Investor Rights and Rebuilding Investor Confidence
  • The Changing Landscape for Credit Ratings and the Impact of New SEC Rulings
  • The Potential for a US Covered Bonds Market

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