IMN's Bank & Special Asset Forums on Distressed Real Estate

Stroock partners Ron Kriss and Paul Shelowitz will be participating at The Florida Bank & Special Assets Forum on Distressed Real Estate January 30-31, 2011 in Hallandale, FL.

The program will address topics on:

  • Single Asset vs. Portfolio Sales
  • FDIC Sales Selling Assets in a Bankruptcy Setting
  • Selling to Foreign Buyers
  • Collecting/Enforcing Judgements
  • Managing Internal Credit & External Steering Committees
  • Preparing for Loan Quality Deterioration & Managing Properties Showing Early Signs of Trouble
  • Coming Back from a CAMELS 3,4 or 5: Successfully Operating Under Regulatory Consent/MRA Orders
  • Cure Options for Loan Documentation Deficiencies Including Lender Liability
  • Pre-Foreclosure Best Practices
  • Valuation/Loss Recognition/Write Downs

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