Platts 3rd Annual Carbon Trading Conference: Opportunities and Risks in a National Cap-and-Trade System

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Platts 3rd Annual Carbon Trading conference focuses on the new and emerging cap-and-trade programs in the US, and what they mean for business decisions. With major climate bills before Congress, and a critical international climate summit coming up in December in Copenhagen, energy companies are preparing for carbon trading both as a liability and an opportunity.

Among the areas to be covered:

- Risks and opportunities from the developing legislative / regulatory approach in Washington, DC
- Carbon liabilities — Legal compliance issues and challenges
- How companies are planning to participate in carbon markets
- Planning offset projects — Experience from planners, developers, brokers, and financiers
- Case studies of carbon markets, risk analysis, and trading strategies

Who attends this conference?
This annual event draws an audience of senior executives from the industries most affected by carbon markets. Attendees include strategic planning executives from the oil and gas industry, chemicals and petrochemicals, refining, electric power generation, heavy manufacturing, metals and mining, as well as senior regulators and government planners from both state and federal agencies.

E. Gail Suchman, Special Counsel
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Alan Yudkowsky, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Understanding Climate Legislation and What it Means for U.S. Industry
- Current status of climate legislation including cap-and-trade
- Key features of climate legislation
- Impact of international negotiations in Copenhagen
- Effects on U.S. industries – Manufacturing, oil and gas, and power generation
- Allocation, compliance and due diligence