Lorman Education Services' Current ERISA Fiduciary Issues for Financial Institutions

This program has been approved in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Legal Education Board. CLE Credit will be granted to attorneys.

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Financial institutions have long been faced with difficult and complicated issues under ERISA's fiduciary rules. The current economic downturn has given rise to a new round of legislative and regulatory initiatives regarding ERISA's fiduciary rules and has more generally affected the manner in which ERISA may affect financial institutions. In addition, the regulatory environment continues to evolve, apart from any impact from the present economic climate.

Our panel will give the insider's view of ERISA fiduciary issues affecting financial institutions in this new economy and evolving regulatory world. Among the topics to be covered are transactional issues for newly combined and otherwise affiliated financial institutions, ERISA issues implicated by the economic downturn, legislative and regulatory developments of special interest to financial institutions, and evolving developments regarding so-called pay-to-play and other financial consulting arrangements in both public and private arenas.


Transactional Issues for Newly Combined and Otherwise Affiliated Financial Institutions
- Continuing Applicability of Exemptions
- Ability to Continue Providing Historical Services

Issues for an Economic Downturn
- Credit Vertical Investing (Including Distressed Investments) and Potential Conflicts
- Trading Conflicts (Stocks vs. Bonds) and Counterparty Risk in Bankruptcy
- Credit and Collateral Issues
- Evolving Trends Regarding the Negotiation of Fees and Fiduciary Standards in Management Agreements, Generally
- Pressure Regarding Whether Activities Involve Fiduciary Advice or Mere Marketing Efforts
- Issues Affecting Investment in Money Market and Other Short-Term Investments, Generally
- Special Issues for Certain Investments – Securities Lending and Stable Value

Miscellaneous Selected Current Issues
- Issues Regarding Mutual Fund Consolidations, Mergers and Redemptions
- Evolving Trends Affecting Transition Management

Legislative and Regulatory Developments
- Market Experience With the PPA's Service Provider Exemption
- Cross Trades
- Initiatives Regarding Plan Investments and Disclosure, Including Activity in the House Labor and Education Committee and the Status of Labor Rules and Regulations, and the Effect of Developments on the Market

Pay-to-Play, Gifts and Entertainment, and Consulting Arrangements
- Regulatory Activity, Litigation
- Issues in the Public (Governmental) Arena

Round Table, Summary, and Questions and Answers

Who Should Attend

Presidents, vice presidents, executives, finance directors, branch managers, loan officers, loan department personnel, benefits administrators, payroll managers, human resource managers, credit and collection managers, CFOs, controllers, accountants and attorneys

Steven W. Rabitz, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP