Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) 15th Annual Life Settlement Spring Conference

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Manageable and Predictable Returns in a Turbulent Financial Marketplace

In these tumultuous economic times, LISA offers a unique perspective on a steady alternative: the Secondary Market for Life Insurance. Now, more than ever, your financial interests demand a viable alternative to the dramatic fluctuations on Wall Street.

Set in New York City, the 2009 LISA 15th Annual Spring Conference offers a uniquely personalized opportunity to understand this burgeoning secondary market. The 2009 Spring Conference presents an aggressive 3-day agenda for sophisticated financial professionals.

What to Expect:
An estimated 500 attendees, expert-driven analysis, industry research and collaborative forums for dialogue and presentation. Your personal business interests are our high priority.

Who Will Attend:
- All Major Life Settlement Companies
- Hedge Fund Managers
- Investment Bankers
- Mutual Fund Managers
- Family Office Managers
- Financial Advisors & Attorneys
- Pension Plans & Endowments
- Producers
- Securities Investors
- Insurance Companies
- Regulators

What You Will Learn:
- Structuring Investments
- Investment Application
- Long and Short Term Investment
- Portfolio Liquidity
- Risk Management
- Life Expectancy
- Collateral Asset Transactions
- Longevity Swaps
- Avoid Double Taxation
- Portfolio Management and Optimization
- Life Settlement Index
- Investment Regulation
- Legislation Risk and Opportunities
- Meet ALL Major Life Settlement Companies

Thomas R. Weinberger, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Privacy and Confidentiality Issues that Affect the Life Settlement Business
The issues of privacy of the insured and confidentiality of medical records and other personal information is of key concern to life settlement brokers, life settlement providers, financing entities and service companies that track the lives of insured's. Currently, there are federal and state laws (HIPPA and Baby HIPPA) that address privacy of medical records. Pending federal legislation will ensure greater protection for social security numbers. As states consider additional life settlement regulation and legislation, privacy is a recurring theme. This panel would examine the privacy and confidentiality issues that affect the business of life settlements.

Specifically, the panel will:

1. Examine federal HIPPA laws and state privacy laws, with a focus on how to properly draft a HIPPA authorization.

2. Review pending legislation regarding the protection of social security numbers and how such legislation may affect the life settlement industry.

3. Consider industry best practices for the protection of an insured's personally identifiable information; and

4. Discuss regulators' concerns regarding privacy matters, and how such concerns may affect future legislation.