Basic Commercial Leases in New York

Discover how to navigate the minefields of commercial leases with ease.

Attend this cutting-edge seminar and get helpful strategies on negotiating commercial leases. You'll gain a clear understanding of insurance clauses and the insurance implications of the indemnity, rent abatement and other clauses. Meet the challenges ahead and find out what you need to know about assignments and subletting. These are just a few of the valuable tips we'll discuss at this must-attend seminar. Don't miss this opportunity to learn to navigate the complex and changing issues surrounding commercial leases in New York.

By attending this seminar, you will receive exposure to and information concerning some of the most important business and legal issues that have to be considered when representing either a landlord or a tenant in connection with commercial leasing whether from either the legal or business perspective. A basic understanding of the issues presented will prepare you to deal with all of the necessary professionals involved in leasing.

Assignment and Subletting
-What Do Landlords and Tenants Want?
-What Do They Really Need?

Jacob Bart, Partner
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP