State Attorneys General- Who Are They and What Is Their Agenda?

Robert Abrams’ 28-year career in public life is marked by achievement, independence, and integrity. He was elected to three terms in the New York State Assembly, three terms as Borough President of the Bronx, and four terms as Attorney General of New York State. Following 15 years of distinguished service as New York’s Attorney General, he joined the law firm Stroock where he is currently a partner.

As Attorney General, Mr. Abrams received numerous awards and honors and earned national prominence rarely achieved by a state-level official. He was widely heralded as a champion and protector of consumer rights. He served as president of the National Association of Attorneys General and was selected by his colleagues to receive the coveted Wyman Award as the most outstanding attorney general in the nation. At its June 2005 meeting, the National Association of Attorneys General presented Mr. Abrams with The Bellotti Award, given to a former attorney general who "has served NAAG and worked diligently to further its vision and mission and who exhibits outstanding leadership abilities and high moral character."

In 2006, Governor-Elect Eliot Spitzer appointed Mr. Abrams to serve as Co-Chair of his Policy Advisory Committee on Governmental Reform for his Transition, and Attorney General-Elect Andrew Cuomo appointed him Executive Chair of his Transition Committee.

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