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November 5-6

Speakers: Michele L. Jacobson

Michele Jacobson will speak on "Exploring Dissenting Opinions by Arbitrators" on Thursday, November 5th as part of the ARIAS U.S. 2020 Virtual Fall Conference. 

This interactive roundtable discussion will explore several questions concerning an arbitrator’s dissenting opinion. What ethical constraints apply? Should an arbitrator dissent only on the grounds that would support vacating the award? Can a draft dissent influence a panel’s final award? What consequences might flow if the dissent becomes public?


Kevin J. Tierney, ARIAS Certified Neutral Arbitrator


Patricia Taylor Fox, Deputy General Counsel, Reinsurance,

AIG Michele L. Jacobson, Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Andrew Maneval, ARIAS Certified Umpire and Arbitrator


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