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May 5-6, 2015

Washington, DC
Renaissance Hotel
DC Downtown Hotel
999 Ninth Street

Speakers: Scott Le Bouef, Scott Le Bouef, Scott Le Bouef, Scott Le Bouef, Scott Le Bouef

Stroock Partner Scott Le Bouef will be speaking at the Energy Bar Associations 2015 EBA Annual Meeting & Conference. The conference will be held May 5-6, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Mr. Le Bouef will participate in the panel discussion "Mitigating Bankruptcy Risks in Restructured Energy Markets." Whether you represent a utility or retail energy supplier, the impact of a bankruptcy of the end-user can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.  This session will discuss the numerous issues energy suppliers face, including the pros and cons of being treated as a utility vs. forward contract merchant.  What protections should a utility include in its tariffs to mitigate the impact of a customer declaring bankruptcy?  Panelists will discuss the impact of being a forward contract merchant under bankruptcy law including the ability to terminate the supply contracts without first seeking relief from the automatic stay, as well as the “safe harbor” protection provided by the of the Bankruptcy Code.  Panelists will also analyze the recent decisions in this quickly evolving area and highlight some potential future challenges to the breadth of the safe harbors in the energy industry.

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