2015 ARIAS U.S. Spring Conference

Stroock Partner Seema Misra will be speaking at the 2015 ARIAS U.S. Spring Conference. The conference will be held on May 6 - 8, 2015 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL.

Ms. Misra will participate on the "Ethics Presentation" discussion panel. During this session, the ethics hypothetical will be explained. There will be a single fact pattern, which will focus on navigating the ARIAS?U.S. Code of Conduct in those instances where not all members of an Arbitration Panel are certified by ARIAS?U.S., there is a conflict between the ARIAS?U.S. Code of Conduct and other rules to which an ARIAS?U.S. certified arbitrator is subject, or ARIAS?U.S. certified arbitrators are participating in an arbitration that is being conducted under AAA or another commercial arbitral group’s rules.

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