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The Working Families Affinity Group seeks to support and encourage the retention of our employees who are balancing the demands of a successful career, as well as personal responsibilities outside the office. The group is particularly focused on the issues and challenges faced by having primary care responsibilities for family members, including parents of young children, elder care for aging or sick parents, parental leave, alternative work arrangements and career advancement. The group provides regular feedback to our leadership on how these issues are impacting our personnel.

The group offers a forum for dialogue around issues important to group members, and enhances the professional and personal lives of individuals at our firm. Members are given an opportunity to share their experiences, challenges and successes, as they relate to their families and their careers. Past programs have focused on a range of topics such as financial and estate planning, CPR and first aid. We hope to bring in additional resources about Internet safety, the “sandwich” phenomenon and other topics of interest to our members. By plugging in and being responsive to the challenges in raising children and supporting families, the group hopes to serve as a resource to parents (and adult children) at every stage in their careers.