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The Health & Wellness Affinity Group helps lawyers and staff develop techniques to ensure that their professional obligations and physical and emotional health remain in balance. It is no great secret that the provision of high-quality legal services is a demanding undertaking, and while stress can be a powerful motivator, too much of it can be counterproductive. Through lunch-and-learn seminars and other informal and formal gatherings, the group explores techniques to remain productive and healthy.

The group is comprised of individuals who strive to facilitate a supportive and enriching environment by focusing on a variety of subjects, including nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, sleep, work-life balance and interpersonal conflict. The group regularly hosts a number of exciting programs with presentations and discussions focused on health, wellness and work-life integration, as well as seminars on eating for optimal energy, meditation, yoga and the importance of posture and alignment while seated at a desk. Active events have included group runs in Central Park, SoulCycle, participation in JP Morgan Corporate Challenge events and stair climbs in support of our pro bono client, Her Justice.