Diversity & Inclusion Council

“We are committed to fostering for our single greatest asset, our people, an environment in which our differences are celebrated and our essential commonality is revealed, through education and programming that unites us in serving our clients and our communities.” – Diversity & Inclusion Council

The Diversity & Inclusion Council’s work is a top priority for our firm. The Council is responsible for establishing and coordinating the firm’s Affinity Groups, the Mentoring Program and numerous professional development initiatives. The Council’s activities include:

  • Creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment through firm-wide diversity training, mentoring and career development events and programs;
  • Sponsoring numerous organizations that encourage career advancement of women and minorities in the law;
  • Supporting our Affinity Groups and sponsoring events throughout the year that promote professional growth;
  • Extending our commitment to diversity into our communities with imaginative, award-winning programs and pro bono service.

The composition of the Diversity & Inclusion Council demonstrates our efforts to embrace all aspects of our firm’s practice and administration. The members of the Council include one of our managing partners, an executive committee member, our hiring partner, senior professional staff, associates from a cross-section of service areas and both full- and flex-time attorneys.

For more information on our Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, please contact the Council’s Co-Chairs, Yakiry Adal, 212.806.5724, [email protected], and Ross Moskowitz, 212.806.5550, [email protected].