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Joel Cohen


Joel Cohen, an experienced white-collar criminal lawyer, joined the Stroock firm in 1985 after ten years as a prosecutor, first with the New York State Special Prosecutor’s Office and, second, as an Assistant Attorney-in-Charge with the U.S. Justice Department’s Organized Crime & Racketeering Section (E.D.N.Y.). In those positions, he concentrated in the investigation, prosecution and trial of organized crime figures and corruption cases involving high-ranking public officials in New York, including the top leadership of the Colombo crime family, many members of the elite narcotics division of the New York Police Department, and the first ever prosecution of a sitting FBI agent.

Since arriving at Stroock, Mr. Cohen has represented and actively counseled individuals and corporations that have been investigated and/or prosecuted for alleged federal racketeering, securities violations, tax evasion, bribery, fraud, corruption, obstruction of justice, money laundering, environmental offenses, and customs violations involving alleged international frauds. He has also represented attorneys on ethical issues and in disciplinary proceedings in a number of jurisdictions in the New York area.

His representations, described here without names because of the sensitivity of most of his matters, have included:

  • Attorneys. Mr. Cohen has represented attorneys under inquiry and investigation, both in criminal and in disciplinary proceedings, involving alleged contemptuous behavior, HUD fraud, bank fraud, estate fraud, false advertising, tax violations, racketeering, and insolvency proceedings.
  • Public Officials. Mr. Cohen has represented high-ranking public officials in federal, state and municipal government, as well as judges and judicial assistants who were investigated, prosecuted or required to give testimony in various proceedings. Key representations include the then second highest elected New York State public official, a key member of the New York City Mayor’s cabinet, and a high-ranking figure in New York’s Democratic Party who was prosecuted for federal racketeering charges.
  • Securities Offenses. Mr. Cohen has represented individuals regarding federal and state securities and commodities offenses, including, recently, a highly publicized federal securities criminal complaint in which there was a full dismissal of the criminal charge, and in another case, the successful withdrawal of an SEC Wells Notice in Illinois.
  • Internal Investigations. Mr. Cohen has conducted internal investigations on behalf of corporations, municipal unions and law firms. Such representations have resulted in exonerations as to wrongdoing on behalf of the entity clients, and successful referrals to criminal authorities on behalf of the corporate entity clients of the individuals whose conduct was under scrutiny.
  • Media. Mr. Cohen represented a substantial print media enterprise that was charged criminally, and its individual owners, who had been under investigation, for conduct relating to false advertising. The representation of the enterprise involved grand jury subpoenas implicating a variety of First Amendment issues, including access to sealed court proceedings.

  • Charitable Organizations. Mr. Cohen successfully represented one of the largest, worldwide communal organizations in an investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s Office for alleged violations of its charitable status under New York law. He has also represented charitable institutions in connection with Attorney General approvals.
  • Insurance Industry. Mr. Cohen has represented significant insurance companies, agencies, brokerages, and adjusters involving federal and state criminal charges and investigation relating to improper fee payments, overcharges, false SEC filings, kickbacks and false financial reporting.
  • Health Care. Mr. Cohen successfully represented a large hospital involving alleged fraud in a municipal contract, as well as other private hospitals in connection with regulatory and criminal inquiries. Mr. Cohen has also represented a leading health care provider and pharmacists in investigations by state and federal authorities, including alleged Medicaid/Medicare fraud violations.
  • Taxes. Mr. Cohen has represented accounting firms and professionals under investigation for criminal violations, including tax shelters and the facilitation of money laundering. He also represented a number of individuals charged with federal and state tax violations.
  • Forfeiture Proceedings. Mr. Cohen has represented individuals whose funds were the subject of civil seizure orders and criminal forfeiture proceedings as a result of alleged illegal conduct in New York and Florida.

  • Environmental Violations. Mr. Cohen has successfully represented a number of individuals and corporations, including one development in a lengthy federal court proceeding spanning more than a decade, which alleged violations of the Endangered Species Act and its New York State counterpart.
  • Customs Violations. Mr. Cohen has represented both public and private corporations criminally charged with large conspiracies to violate federal customs statutes in New York and Florida.
  • Government Contracts. Mr. Cohen has represented both public and private corporations charged with government contract fraud involving various types of military procurement in New York, California and Pennsylvania.
  • Sports, Gaming and Entertainment Industry. Mr. Cohen represented a key sports trade group criminally charged with federal gaming violations in Louisville, Kentucky. He has also represented a significant casino entity in a grand jury investigation by the New York County District Attorney’s Office, as well as a number of New York nightclubs and owners in connection with state grand jury and SLA proceedings.
  • Business Consulting. Mr. Cohen represents a number of business consulting entities with respect to grand jury investigations and subpoenas on an ongoing basis in various jurisdictions around the country.
  • Real Estate Industry. Mr. Cohen has represented significant New York builders and real estate management companies in internal investigations, as well as relating to federal and state grand jury subpoenas and criminal investigations of improper business practices.
  • Banking. Mr. Cohen has represented a number of domestic banks in New York and two Swiss banks (New York and Florida), as well as banking officials in connection with grand jury investigations of alleged money laundering.
  • Member, Federal Bar Council
  • Member, New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, 2010-present
  • Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law, Professional Responsibility, 2005 – present
  • Adjunct Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School, Professional Responsibility, 2002-2006
Speeches and Events
Mr. Cohen has participated as a lecturer, moderator and panelist in many legal symposiums and seminars. Since 2000, they have included:
  • Moderator, "Ethical Considerations in Setting Attorney Fees," New York State Bar Association, General Practice Section & Committee on Professional Discipline Annual Meeting, New York, NY, January 24, 2012
  • Breakfast Forum: Meet Cyrus R. Vance, Stroock Event, January 18, 2012
  • Speaker, "Pre-Trial Issues," CLE Program, New York County Lawyers' Association's Federal Criminal Trial Practice Institute, October 13-15, 2011
  • Moderator, "The Ethical and Practical Challenges of Representing a Controversial Client," The Federal Bar Council, Brooklyn, NY, June 29, 2011
  • Speaker, "Tackling Ethical Issues Arising in Federal Criminal Cases," CLE Program, New York County Lawyers' Association, June 16, 2011
  • Speaker, "Public Corruption: Are Politicians More Vulnerable Today?" Stroock Event, June 14, 2011
  • Speaker, ""Current Issues in Auditor Litigation," NYSSCPA, May 9, 2011
  • Speaker, "Practice Where Lawyers Represent Multiple Clients," CLE Program, CFTC, February 25, 2011
  • Moderator, "Legal Ethics Through A Religious Lens: The Practitioner's Viewpoint," Stroock Event, New York, NY, January 31, 2011
  • Moderator, "Committee on Professional Discipline and Committee on Procedures," NYSBA Annual Meeting 2011, New York, NY, January 24-29, 2011
  • Panelist, "Criminal Law, Procedure and Evidence Seminar, CLE Program, Brooklyn Law School, December 4, 2010
  • Moderator, "Is Criminal Lawyering About Truth?" New York County Lawyers' Association, October 25, 2010
  • Moderator, "Truth Be Veiled Book Signing and Interactive Discussion," Stroock Event, New York, NY, August 10, 2010
  • Moderator, "Confidentiality Obligations: When Can/Must Rabbis, Lawyers and Doctors Blow the Whistle?" The Institute of American and Talmudic Law CLE Program, New York, NY, May 13, 2010
  • Moderator, "Corporate Internal Investigations: Ethical Considerations," Bloomberg Corporate Internal Investigations: Ethical Considerations Seminar, New York, NY, March 11, 2010
  • Moderator, "An Evening on Legal, Medical and Jewish Ethics," United Jewish Appeal-Federation of New York, Lawyers Division, Healthcare Division, and Emerging Leaders and Philanthropists, New York, NY, February 4, 2010
  • Moderator, "The Lawyer-Media Relationship: Confronting the Ethical Issues," New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Discipline, New York, NY, January 27, 2010
  • Panelist, "Criminal Law, Procedure and Evidence Seminar," CLE Program, Brooklyn Law School, December 5, 2009
  • Speaker, "Pay to Play: One Strike and You're Out?"? Major, Lindsey & Africa, November 19, 2009
  • Panelist, "You Be the Legal Ethicist," FBC Fall Bench & Bar Retreat, CLE Program, October 25, 2009
  • Moderator, "The Undiscovered Country: Views of Insurance Regulation for the 2009 Economy," Stroock Event, New York, NY, April 29, 2009
  • Speaker, "Emails are Dangerous: Why We All Should Stop Saying Stupid Things in Email," Stroock Event, New York, NY, January 15, 2009
  • Panelist, "Legal Strategies and Best Practices in 'High-Stakes' Cases," Managing Complex Litigation 2008, Practising Law Institute, New York, NY, November 11, 2008
  • Speaker, "The Dangers of E-Mails," CLE Program, Stroock Event, October 29, 2008
  • Moderator, "The Ethics of Truth: Do Lawyers Need to Believe in Their Case?" CLE Program, The Institute of American & Talmudic Law, July 31, 2008
  • Speaker, "The Credit Crisis: How to Fend Against the Investigation/Litigation Onslaught," Stroock and Ernst & Young Event, New York, NY, June 25, 2008
  • Speaker, The Conference on Legal Ethics, The Institute of American & Talmudic Law, May 14, 2008
  • Speaker, "The Qualcomm Decision: Today's Road Map to Ethical and Discovery Obligations," CLE Program, Stroock Event, March 19, 2008
  • Speaker, "The Lawyer's Formidable Duty of Confidentiality," CLE Program, Stroock Event, June 6 and June 14, 2007
  • Panelist, SIFMA-CL Annual Seminar, Phoenix, Arizona, March 25-28, 2007
  • Panelist, "Fee Disputes With Clients," Practising Law Institute, New York, NY, 2006
  • Panelist, "Duty of Zealousness," State of New York, The Mental Hygiene Legal Service, First and Second Departments' CLE, White Plains, NY, 2006
  • Panelist, "'Renaissance' Litigators: Criminal Advocates in Civil Cases," The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York, NY, September 27, 2006
  • Panelist, "Ethics for Litigators," CLE Program, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York, NY, June 14, 2005
  • Panelist, "Navigating the Privilege in the Choppy Waters of Government Investigations," Federal Bar Council's Winter Bench and Bar Conference, Kona, HI, February 5, 2005
  • Panelist, "A Lawyer's Conundrum - What To Do With Inadvertently Disclosed Information?" New York State Bar Association, New York, NY, January 26, 2005
  • Panelist, "The Ethics and Practice of Plea Bargaining and Cooperation in Federal and State Courts," Hispanic National Bar Association Convention CLE Program, October 12, 2004
  • Guest, "Celebrity Jurors," Lawline Show, May 12, 2004
  • Moderator, "Should Criminal Defense Lawyers Be Constrained By the Truth? The Limits of Zealous Advocacy," CLE Program, Fordham University School of Law, November 25, 2003
  • Moderator, "Criminal Procedure," CLE Program, New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department, New York, NY, September 15, 2003
  • Moderator, "The Religious Felon: A Paradox?" Fifth Avenue Synagogue, February 16, 2003
  • Panelist, "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: How the New Rules Affect Your Law Practice," New York County Lawyers' Association, New York, NY, March 27-28, 2003
  • Panelist, "Prosecutorial Misconduct: Are There Different Standards of Professional Responsibility for Prosecutors?" New York State Bar Association, New York, NY, 2003
  • "Ethics/Strategy When The Client Plans to Lie," Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division - First Department, New York, NY, April 29, 2002
  • Panelist, "Criminal Law and Ethics," CLE Program, Brooklyn Law School, October 27, 2001
  • Moderator, "The Ethics of Punishment," Hampton Synagogue, September 15, 2001
  • "Ethics, Tactics and the Law of Witness Preparation," Federal Bar Council, New York, NY, October 25, 2000
  • Moderator, CLE Programs and Assorted Panel Discussions with Outside Attorneys, Judges and Writers concerning Litigation and/or Ethics Issues at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Since 1987, Mr. Cohen has authored over 200 articles published in legal periodicals, primarily the New York Law Journal and The National Law Journal. Selected articles since 2003 include:
  • Co-author, "'Crime Fraud' and the Lawyer's Duty," New York Law Journal, April 8, 2014
  • "Christie, Public Officials and Emailing," Huffington Post, January 14, 2014
  • "When Lawyers Instigate Their Clients,", December 13, 2013
  • Co-author, "The 'Ethic' of Getting Up to Speed 'Technologically,'" New York Law Journal, December 10, 2013
  • ""Anchoring" & Criminal Sentencing,", November 11, 2013
  • "The Culture Of Changing Sides,", October 18, 2013
  • "Police Versus Prosecutors: The Motorcycle Mayhem,", October 8, 2013
  • "May Prosecutors Bar Note Taking of Witness Interviews?"New York Law Journal, October 8, 2013
  • "Can a Corporation Survive a Trial Conviction?", September 16, 2013
  • Co-author, "When a Client Post-Trial Says: 'I Perjured Myself,'" New York Law Journal, August 13, 2013
  • "Criminal Attorney and Client: Who Calls the Shots?" New York Law Journal, June 20, 2013
  • "'Chilling' the Press: How Will It Turn Out?" Huffington Post, June 11, 2013
  • "Why Doesn't the Public Get the Fifth Amendment?" Huffington Post, June 5, 2013
  • "Do We Want Robots in the Jury Box?" Huffington Post, May 9, 2013
  • "Would a Prosecutor's Manual Help?" New York Law Journal, April 9, 2013
  • "Blurring the Statute of Limitations,", March 4. 2013
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  • "The Independent Magistrate,", September 24, 2012
  • "Character Testimony: What if Mother Teresa Pulled a 'Bank Job'?", August 14, 2012
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He has recently authored with Carla Main, Truth Be Veiled: A Justin Steele Murder Case (Coffeetown Press, 2010), a novel which deals with the ethical duties of an attorney relating to truth.
While not relating to his law practice, Mr. Cohen has also authored four books dealing with religion:
  • Gehinnom, available gratis at, 2011
  • David and Bathsheba: Through Nathan's Eyes, Paulist Press, 2007
  • Moses and Jesus: A Conversation, Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc., 2006
  • Moses: A Memoir, Paulist Press, 2003
He has also conducted six mock trials under New York law of biblical figures relating to these books.
Admitted to Practice
New York, 1968
U.S. Tax Court, 1969; U.S. District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, 1972; U.S. Supreme Court, 1973; U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, 1973; U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, 1986; Pro hac vice in a number of federal districts
LL.M., New York University, 1969; Concentration in Tax
J.D., New York University, 1967
A.B., Brooklyn College, 1965
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